Leagues run from Sept to April. Please let us know if you are interested. Different brackets are available depending on the amount of people signing up. Pre-registrations are required.

Please Read all the information below. If you have any questions feel free to contact us.

  • Rules
  • Leagues are limited to hand guns ONLY. Must use same gun throughout the duration of the league.
  • Open league includes Pistol caliber greater than a .22, up to .45. Open to Semi-auto and revolver.
  • Iron (open) sights only. No optics, lasers, etc.
  • 10 week running total points. Highest point score wins.
  • League night is Tuesday, however League members may shoot Tue. Wed, or Thur. anytime up to 6:30pm.
  • Days can be ‘made up’ 1 week prior to league day. Limited to “one week” in advance. If you choose not to make up a “missed day” we can enter an average score with a -15 point penalty.
  • Must follow all range rules, violation of rules will result in disqualification without refund.

  • Cost
  • $50 entry fee. Non-refundable after first week. This cost covers overhead, targets, employee pay, prizes and fun night!
  • $15 per visit. Includes target(s) This cost covers range usage.
  • Safety equipment is shooters responsibility. WE can supply some for a small fee.
  • Ammo (25rnds per week) and handgun are shooters responsibility. NO RELOADS, HOLLOW POINT, OR DEFENSIVE ROUNDS. We have ammo for sale if needed.
  • Ask us about using one of our handguns for a fee

Basic setup for brackets

  • 10 rnds at 20ft – Both Hands
  • 10 rnds at 30ft – Both Hands
  • 5 rnds at 15ft – One handed (must be able to shoot one-handed safely.)

Depending on the number of people signing up, brackets may include Basic, Advanced, Women’s and/or Men’s.

  • Scoring
  • Any shots landing on a line will be awarded the higher point value.
  • Highest total accumulated points after 10 weeks will be declared the winner. In case of a tie, shooters can decide, but must agree, to split winnings or do a shoot off. TBD later.
  • Points will be totaled by a Forcier Firearms employee. Shooters are encouraged to assist in totaling their own score, if not, they must accept the decision of the employee.
  • Scores will be emailed weekly.
  • Disputes will be properly discussed but decisions by Forcier Firearms will be final.
  • Forcier Firearms reserves the right to alter these rules at any time.

  • Prizes
  • Cash prizes (50% payout) will be awarded for top scores after 10 weeks.
  • Other awards and prizes may also be awarded.

This is a Non-Sanctioned League. We are not associated with any Shooting leagues or national or local associations. There are no rankings involved. This is a “fun” league.